Barbecue and The (not-so) Great Serum Run at Fairview Park

Saturday October 28, 2006

Southern California Working Snow Dogs and the Alaskan Malamute Club of Southern California had a howling good time at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa on Saturday, October 28th!  In fact, the event was such a success we need to change the name to the 'First Annual' or 'First Bi-Annual' Barbecue and The (not-so) Great Serum Run at Fairview Park!

The event would not have been possible without all the wonderful people who organized the event - namely Rancy - who made this all possible.  Thank you also to everyone who attended as without  your enthusiasm, your participation, and, of course, your dogs, it would have been a non-event.

HUGE thanks to all who have contributed so much to making this event as successful as it was. First and foremost are all the wonderful folks from SCAMC (Southern California Alaskan Malamute Club) so notably represented by Tom Dunn, for providing the hotdogs, burgers, drinks and for coordinating the potluck. Tina Dunn and her "kennel girls" (although I think there were a couple of boys hanging around with the girls...hmmm....), for helping out in anything and everything. And of course, Nichole Royer, for setting up her agility/Rally-O course, bringing her cart and scooters and helping others get started in this wonderful sport, contributing all those wonderful prizes, driving all the way from Lancaster, and giving me much appreciated advice when I needed it.

Thank you as well to Joan, Diane, and Chuck, for your assistance in the little things here and there and Kecia --- those raffle tickets really came in handy. And Matt and Claire, aka Three Dog Bakery, aka Husky Dots and Black n' Blue Crew, aka Fab Five, aka web designer/programmer --- the doggies are loving you both forever for the wonderful treats you donated!

And if you guys ever get to talk to either Carmen from Alpine Outfitters and Rob from Diggler, make sure to thank them for providing those wonderful prizes.

And remember, you all contributed (including all the yummy foods) in one way or another, with your participation being the biggest factor of them all, so make sure to give yourselves a pat on the back (and your pups a scratch behind the ear). We achieved what we set out to do, which was to have a day of fun and a wonderful, howling great time with our dogs.

Click here for reflections of the (not so) Great Serum Run and race results!!!

Skyler, Kiana, Niko and Lyka await the fun to begin!

one of our youngest mushers and best helpers!
Sapphire, Nayla, & Sparky patiently wait for the fun to begin.
Gorgeous Niko
Dylan the good boy
Team Polar Pup Express ready to go with their three-wheeled cart.
Dee eagerly waits with her running mate Holly.
Kwin & Kwest await the start of the 2-Mile Run.
what a perfect fall setting!
Amos and Diane share a special moment
Team Yuki Inu and Polar Pup Express take off.
Kecia and the Siberian Misfits
Here comes Team Malaberian.
Dee and Holly off to a great start with Linda.
The Go Like Hell Racing Siberians.
Husky Camp's Sibe Ryd and team Winging It with Conifer, Caliber and Susan are neck and neck as they near the finish line
Team Three Eyes Blue
Chuck and Husky Camp's Dream Team
one happy Molly!
how much 'stuff' can you wear around your waist?
Husky Camp's Remington had a great time!
what a great life we have!
Stoli...or is that Joey!!!
the mals getting ready...
go, go, go!!!!!
Another Niko and Lyka!
Smile everybody!
time for a husky hug!
the team having a refreshing water break
the beautiful Shanti
the crowd anxious to hear results!
now that's the way to relax!
Nichole and Quest demonstrating a perfect sit
up and over...with just a little help!
cookies always seem to help

What a PERFECT day we had!!!!