(Not so) Great Serum Run Reflections and Results

October 28, 2006

Fairview Park, Costa Mesa, CA

The (not-so) Great Serum Run was ummm, well..... great! I really had a fun time and I think you guys did as well. I know the dogs definitely did.

I would like to give a special thank you to Tom Dunn, Brian Wey, and Lynn Yarmey, for doing such a great job with recording the start and finish times. I gave them all last minute instructions as to what to do and how to do it and they took charge and handled it wonderfully.

And we couldn't have done it without Tina Dunn and her "kennel girls" --- they volunteered to help out and served as trail marshals as well as our trail cheering squad.

HOWEVER, after going over the day's events this morning (as I was laying in bed doing my best to stop being a slacker and finally getting up at 9:30 AM --- hey, it wasn't my fault, my 6:00 AM alarm clock, Lyka, decided to take the day off), I realized that I screwed up. In all the excitement, I forgot to instruct the trail marshals to direct the 1-mile participants towards a loop along the course. As a result, the one mile course was shorted and actually turned out to be 0.7 miles. Oh well, my bad, but I don't think our dogs minded it a bit as they still had a great time.

Also, the 2-mile course was technically 1.8 miles long, which I already knew when I had previously charted it. However, due to a confusion among the trail marshals, all but the Siberian Brats team were directed to a slightly different route, which shortened their trail down to 1.7 miles (except for Team Yuki Inu - 2, which ended up doing the abbreviated 1-mile course instead).

And again, these were all for fun anyways but since our course timers did such a great job providing accurate timing, I figured we might as well be accurate with everything else. After all, it would be interesting to see how our dogs do next time around (and there will be a next time, right?).


Ah, Joan, your pictures always come out sooo great! Thank you for taking them and thank you for sharing them with the group.

BTW, I'm sure that some of you also took pictures. Can you share them with the group and/or email them to me (or mail them to me on a disk)? I would love to post them on our website, specially action shots of the races. And is there anybody out there that took videos?


The (not-so) Great Serum Run

October 28, 2006 - Fairview Park (Costa Mesa, CA)

Race Results

1 Mile Race
Place Team Driver Dog 1 Dog 2 Rig Time Avg Pace Avg MPH
1 Stoli On The Rocks Mark Waggoner Stoli Mishka Scooter 2:57 4:13 14.2
2 Go Like Hell Racing Siberians Maggie Wey Bodie The Coyote Arrow This Side Up Scooter 3:17 4:41 12.8
3 Winging It Susan Parker Conifer Caliber Scooter 3:20 4:46 12.6
4 Siberian Misfits Kecia Stewart Remington Zen Scooter 3:37 5:10 11.6
5 Mal-Power Diane Decrona Amos Scooter 3:38 5:11 11.6
6 Team Yuki Inu - 1 Cindy Stepp Sapphire Nayla Scooter 4:35 6:33 9.2
7 Polar Pup Express Kathy Mattes Chako 3-wheeler 4:59 7:07 8.4
8 Husky Dots Claire Mardesich Noah Duncan Scooter 5:26 7:46 7.7
9 Three Eyes Blue Jeff Anderson Kiera Canicross 6:08 8:46 6.8
10 Husky Camp's Sibe Ryd Jon Usle Yukon Padua Scooter 6:21 9:04 6.6
11 Team Yuki Inu - 2 Cindy Stepp Nayla Sparky Scooter 7:09 10:13 5.9
12 Husky Camp's Dream Team Chuck Usle Cochise Kiowa Sacco 8:08 11:37 5.2
13 Linda Linda Holly Dee Scooter 8:13 11:44 5.1
14 Malaberian Paul Byma Tookla Molly Sacco 10:24 14:51 4
DNR Miko the Magnificent Lynn Yarmey Miko Scooter
DNR The Couch Potatoes Tim La Crosse True Marga Sacco
Note:  Actual course distance run = 0.7 miles
2 Mile Race
Place Team Driver Dog 1 Dog 2 Rig Time Avg Pace Avg MPH
1 Siberian Brats Rancy Reyes Niko Lyka Scooter 8:52 4:56 12.2
2 My Crazy Sibes Kecia Stewart Dylan Kazzie Scooter 10:03 5:55 10.1
3 Snow Angels Joan Tommarello Skyler Kiana Scooter 10:54 6:25 9.4
4 Black n' Blue Crew Matt Mardesich Joey Blue Scooter 10:55 6:25 9.3
5 Nichole Royer Nichole Royer Kwest Kwin Scooter 12:30 7:21 8.2
DNR Alpha Gilbert Arellano Seqouia Bear Scooter
Note:  Actual course distance = 1.8 miles.  However, finishers 2 - 5 ran an abbreviated course of 1.7 miles.  Pace and speed calculated accordingly.