2009 Urban Mushing Clinic Schedule and Topics

Saturday, April 4

7:00 AM Check-in, registration, and assembly (free donuts and coffee)
8:00 AM Fun Run (concurrent with)
8:00 AM Introduction to Dogscootering for Newbies (overview of different equipment/gear, short trial runs)
9:30 AM Symposium/Clinic
12:00 NN Lunch (bring your own)
1:00 PM Symposium/Clinic
4:00 PM End of Clinic - Day 1
6:30 PM Barbecue Potluck at the Henn House (Henning's house in Laguna Niguel - please email your potluck item to henning.bartel@cox.net, address to be provided via return email)

Symposium Topics to be covered on Day 1

- Different types of harnesses/measuring for a harness and proper fitting
- Different auxiliary gear and training aids (skijor belt, necklines, belly band, etc.)
- Hands-On groundwork training techniques (lineout, tire pulling, teaching GEE and HAW, avoiding distractions, etc.)
- Feeding and Nutrition
- Importance of Proper Hydration
- Symptoms and Prevention of Heat Stress

Sunday, April 5

7:30 AM Assembly and check-in for late registrants (free donuts and coffee)
8:00 AM Fun Run
9:30 AM Symposium/Clinic
12:30 PM Lunch (bring your own)
1:30 PM Canine Chiropractic Demo/Intro (Dr. Rod Block, D.C.)
2:00 PM Symposium/Clinic
3:30 PM End of Clinic - Day 2

Symposium Topics to be covered on Day 2

- Hands-on scooter training (head-on, ON BY, GEE and HAW, what to do about "sharks", etc.)
- Lines and more lines (gangline/scooter line setup and configuration)
- Carting team setup and training techniques
- Dog Physiology and how it affects athletic performance
- Care and Maintenance of your working dog
- Trail Etiquette and Attitude
- Examples of Training and Conditioning Schedules

Additional notes/reminders:

We will begin each day with a fun run along the trails of Fairview Park and Talbert Nature Preserve starting at 8 AM. This is not a structured run, so there are no designated trails or distances that you are required to run. Please note that there is construction and maintenance going on at Fairview Park, so some areas will be closed but the main trails will be open (just make sure to stay clear of the construction areas - http://tinyurl.com/cltwq9).

If you've never run along the Fairview Park trails, then follow along with others who are familiar with the different routes. Please finish your trail run and be back at the parking lot by 9:15 AM as we will continue on with the rest of the clinic starting at 9:30.

Concurrent with Saturday's 8 AM trail run will be an orientation for newbies. Carmen and Rancy will be conducting this session so if you are new to the sport and/or do not have any equipment, they will both be giving you a short class during that time. Note that this orientation session is for Saturday only.

We have the picnic shelter and grassy area (beside the picnic shelter) reserved for both days and this is where we will be spending most of our workshop time. The picnic shelter has a limited number of park benches so you are encouraged to bring your own lawn chairs. Also, feel free to bring EZ-UP tents if you have them. It looks like we may warm up this weekend with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s with sunny skies.

We are so lucky to have access to the trails and facilities at Fairview Park so please make sure to clean up after your dogs, be courteous to other park goers (slow down/give way when you encounter other people along the trail), and have your dogs ON LEASH and under control at all times.

Don't forget to send Henning an email if you are planning to attend the barbecue/potluck on Saturday night! (You will have to leave your dogs at home or in your vehicle while you are at the barbecue.)

We are all looking forward to an educational and enjoyable mushing weekend. See you all there....have fun, and enjoy the ride!

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